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A New Token Lets You Save on Ethereum Fees by ‘Storing’ Gas

Ethereum (ETH)’s fees are hard-coded to only be payable in Ether, but a clever trick with smart contracts allows users to effectively pay for gas with a special token, which reduces the total fee they incur.This principle was used by the team behind, a decentralized exchange aggregator, to introduce the Chi token. The technology was formally announced on June 5, and it builds on a previous iteration of the concept, called Gas...

Uniswap V2 Offers Better Price Feeds and Doubles Down on Flash Loan Concept

The Uniswap decentralized exchange announced on March 23 a planned release of its second major version, Uniswap V2. Among the major features, the new platform will feature flash swaps — a similar feature to the infamous flash loans that some blame for recent decentralized finance (DeFi) hacks.The update’s release is tentatively scheduled for Q2 2020, though Uniswap’s blog post stresses that it is “not an announced release date.”Uniswap is a decentralized cryptocurrency...

Binance’s DEX Now Supports AML Compliance Via CipherTrace

Binance Chain transactions are now traceable by CipherTrace. The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume announced Tuesday it would utilize CipherTrace’s intelligence tools, bringing anti-money laundering analysis and support to its self-developed blockchain, which is both the foundation for the Binance DEX (decentralized exchange) and home to the exchange’s BNB token. CipherTrace said in a press release that it would support “institutional-grade”...
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