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The emergence of cryptocurrency hedge funds

The emergence of cryptocurrency hedge funds

I started exploring Bitcoin first in 2012 and, still today, I am fascinated by the opportunities and future potential digital assets pose as...
Bitcoin price volatility expected as 47% of BTC options expire next Friday

Bitcoin price volatility expected as 47% of BTC options expire next Friday

The open interest on Bitcoin (BTC) options is just 5% short of their all-time high, but nearly half of this amount will be...

Featured Articles

Figure Technologies releases fund services offerings on blockchain

 Figure Technologies launched its new digital fund services products for investment firms on a blockchain, the company said in a statement.The San Francisco-based financial technology firm used the Provenance blockchain and aims to use the technology to automate much of the paper-based processes in fundraising and fund management. Services include capital raising, investor onboarding, know-your-customer, anti-money laundering and...

22% UniSwap (UNI) price drop doesn’t faze traders

Earlier today (YFI) and Ether (ETH) rose sharply after Uniswap’s governance token UNI plunged 22% from $8.00 to $6.80.Cryptocurrency daily market performance snapshot. Source: Coin360UNI, which launched less than 48 hours ago, has rallied from around $1.00 to $8.00 in a short period. After an impressive eight-fold gain, the token started to pull back but trading volume...

Police summon Bithumb chairman for questioning over alleged fraud

The drama over alleged fraud involving Bithumb’s senior executives continues as the company’s chairman has reportedly been summoned for interrogation.The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency is purportedly seeking to question Lee Jung-hoon, chairman of board at Bithumb Korea and Bithumb Holdings, according to a Sept. 18 report by South Korea’s state-run news agency Yonhap.As reported, Lee is allegedly accused...

Bitcoin Birch says no retail crypto-wide bull run likely for rest of 2020

Crypto prices may still be weighed down by a difficult global economic atmosphere, according to Joel Birch, co-founder of automated crypto investing platform Stacked. "I don't necessarily think that 2020 is going to be the year of some type of major retail bull run, largely due to the fact that the global economy still lingers over this industry, just...

Bitcoin will continue appreciating, although at a slower pace than in the past, Bloomberg analyst explains

Mike McGlone, Senior Commodity Strategist at Bloomberg, is convinced Bitcoin will continue to appreciate thanks to its fixed supply coupled with increasing demand. “I don't see what make it stop doing what been doing for the last 10 years. And that's going up”, he told Cointelegraph in a recent interview. McGlone sees Bitcoin’s capped supply as the main...

Why Ripple is thriving – Crypto Daily™

Since the introduction of the distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrencies by Satoshi, they have gained a lot of attention from investors, the media, financial organizations, and critics. The original model of the blockchain ledger has continued to evolve with different cryptocurrencies in the blockchain...

Bakkt Bitcoin futures smashes daily volume record by 36%

Bakkt, a regulated platform for crypto asset custody and trading owned by Intercontinental Exchange, has reported record daily trading volumes for its physically-settled Bitcoin (BTC) futures contracts.On September 16, Bakkt announced that more than $200 million worth of BTC contracts had been traded over a single day — breaking its previous record by 36%.According to crypto market data...

What is DeFi? – Crypto Daily™

For many years, the world was used to traditional methods of exchanging value and trading. However, as digitization crept in from the latter part of the 20th century through to the 21st century, finance, banking, trading, and value exchange have become redefined. One of...

First ICO mandating buyers to ‘use’ tokens is successful, collects $5M

A new way of conducting token sales spearheaded by ConsenSys Codefi achieved its first success, with the planned sale of Skale Network tokens collecting just over $5 million.As Cointelegraph reported in February, the Skale token sale was the first to be launched on the Activate platform developed by ConsenSys. Its purpose is to bootstrap new projects with an...
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